Notă de subsol dintr-un articol (despre power of language, gen)

`In this context, it is worth mentioning the usual fascination of youth for the theater. Goethe, it will be remembered, thought of acting as an indispensable preparation for adult life (Wilhelm Meister). Theatrical acting is a vicarious freedom of acting control of a situation. Especially noteworthy of our attention here is that this control is gained merely by properly saying the right things. Perfect acting is a unique exercise in omnipotence; by infallible wielding of deference and demeanor, the actor is at one and the same time indisputed director. Those of us who have never performed theatrically have perhaps experienced the sheer power-control aspects of language in learning a foreign tongue. Facility in speaking a foreign language partakes somewhat of a kindred experience in psychotherapy: the individual may find that he is capable of utterances which usher others into appropriate complementary action; but which utterances, because they are new (and in a foreign tongue) he at first experiences as unreal and somewhat ego-alien. It is then that he can best „watch himself perform” and see in action the power aspects of language. When the utterances are finally reduced to habit, the self- critical and the acting individual becomes more fused. One’s first sojourn abroad may be a quasipsychotherapeutic exercise in freedom and power.`

(Ernest BECKER, „Socialization, Command of Performance and Mental Illness”, in The American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 67, No.5 (Mar., 1962), pp. 494-501)

Am remarcat-o și io p-asta cu limba străină, de-aia îmi place că am găsit-o și scrisă.

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